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Stena Line Expands Vital Ferry Services between the UK and Ireland


In a significant move to strengthen trade ties between Ireland and the UK, Stena Line expands vital ferry services between UK and Ireland. Particularly for Ireland pallet deliveries and next-day deliveries from UK to Ireland, Stena Line sealed a landmark agreement with Peel Ports in 2023. The agreement paved the way for Stena Line to operate at the 12 Quays Terminal in Birkenhead, Liverpool.

Trade Relations

Ferry services between Ireland and the UK cannot be overstated. Given the geographical proximity and historical trade relations, these ferry routes facilitate the seamless transit of goods and promote economic connectivity across borders. The recent addition of this new route, which started operating in mid-February 2024, will further enhance these crucial links, particularly following a record year in 2023 for freight volumes.

Route Information

The newly established route departs early morning from Dublin Port’s Terminal 5 and makes its evening return journey from the 12 Quays terminal in Birkenhead. This ensures efficient and reliable transportation of goods, catering to the needs of businesses on both sides of the Irish Sea, especially for those requiring next-day deliveries into Ireland.

Plans For The Future

While initially operating with a single ship, Stena Line has ambitious plans for expansion, with intentions to scale up the service in response to growing demand for Ireland pallet deliveries and other expedited cargo movement. Moreover, the company is actively exploring the deployment of a dedicated freight-only vessel, highlighting its commitment to providing tailored solutions to meet the evolving needs of its customers.

The introduction of the new ferry service is significant for freight forwarders, offering them an expanded array of options for securing efficient and dependable connections between Ireland and the UK. With enhanced accessibility and increased capacity, businesses can look forward to streamlined logistics operations and accelerated trade flows, thereby bolstering economic growth and resilience in the region.


In essence, Stena Line’s expansion of ferry services represents more than just a business transaction – it provides more options for businesses on both sides of the Irish Sea, making trade easier, faster, and more reliable, particularly for Ireland pallet deliveries and those requiring next-day services.

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