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Simplifying Trade in Northern Ireland: UKIMS

In the evolving landscape of post-Brexit trade, businesses moving goods from Great Britain to Northern Ireland face a complex array of new regulations and procedures. Simplifying trade in Northern Ireland, UKIMS – (UK Internal Market Scheme) has been introduced and marks a significant shift, designed to streamline this process and minimise disruptions. Clarity Cargo, a specialist logistics freight forwarder has expertly positioned itself as a beacon of reliability and efficiency for its clients navigating UKIMS movements into Northern Ireland.

Comprehensive Preparation for UKIMS

Clarity Cargo has strategically ensured that every aspect of its operations aligns with the requirements and guidelines set forth by the UKIMS. Recognising the importance of smooth and efficient trade flows, Clarity Cargo has dedicated resources to understanding and implementing the new ‘green lane’ processes. Moreover, this initiative promises reduced paperwork, fewer checks, and the elimination of duties for eligible goods. This marks a significant improvement over previous arrangements.

Seamless Integration with UKIMS Requirements

Key to Clarity Cargo’s readiness has been its proactive approach in updating its systems and processes. By closely collaborating with regulatory bodies, Clarity Cargo has ensured its compliance with all UKIMS mandates. Especial implementing advanced tracking and documentation systems to accurately declare goods as ‘not at risk’ for EU movement. Specifically, these measures are critical in avoiding unnecessary tariffs and facilitating a smoother logistical chain from Great Britain to Northern Ireland.

Expert Guidance and Support for Clients

Clarity Cargo’s commitment to its customers extends beyond logistical capabilities. Aware of the complexities and potential confusion surrounding the new trading environment, Clarity Cargo offers unparalleled support and advisory services. This ensures that clients are not only compliant but also fully informed on how UKIMS impacts their trade activities. Unquestionably, Clarity Cargo’s team of experts are equipped to guide businesses through the application process for UKIMS authorisation.

A Promise of Efficiency and Reliability

Clarity Cargo prepares to facilitate a smooth transition for their clients amidst the landmark shift to UKIMS. Clarity Cargo not only commits to efficient, reliable service, but also mitigating challenges of the new trade regulations. In the meantime, preparation, integration, and client support are paramount.


Upon full implementation of the Windsor Framework, the UK Internal Market Scheme will grant access to the new ‘Green Lane’. In conclusion, goods transported from Great Britain to Northern Ireland will benefit from relief of unnecessary paperwork, inspections, and tariffs. Therefore, only standard commercial information will be necessary.

Furthermore, for businesses looking to maintain or start moving goods into Northern Ireland, Clarity Cargo simplifies the complexities of UKIMS. With precision and client-centricity, Clarity Cargo handles post-Brexit trade complexities, allowing businesses to prioritise growth and opportunity.

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