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Speed communication and reliability are our key requirements when sending our products to Ireland. Diarmuid and the team always deliver with an added Irish charm!”

Retail Company, Surrey

The Clarity Cargo team are professional and efficient and always find a quick solution. We couldn’t ask for a better Transport partner for delivering our goods.”

FTSE 100 Company, London

We have been working with Clarity Cargo since their launch and they have not let us down. The team have built a great rapport with our export department and are always willing to meet our customer’s demands

Time Critical Construction Company, Berkshire

Refreshing, the Clarity team pick up the phone and sort any issues. As an agent we have had enormous Customs issues, with Clarity they have taken the problems away, enormous experience and honesty.

Freight Forwarder, Buckinghamshire

Another Level in Service & Communications! We have dealt with many forwarders & Road Transport companies in the past and can only simply say the Team are amazing, we have never had ALL of our Northern & Southern Ireland customer so happy and selling more!

Retail Manufacruring Company, South Coast UK


NO, as a UK company you cannot claim VAT back from another European country. There are ways to manage this. Call the team for more information.

An Economic Operator Registration & Identification Number is short. Any business that Export or Import to and from the EU needs an EORI number. You can register Here or check if you have a valid EORI number Here.

To move product into Northern Ireland a company needs to be registered on the TSS – Trader Support Service. This facilitates the Northern Ireland Protocol by monitoring all product movements into Northern Ireland / The Island of Ireland. You can register for an XI number here. Interestingly, it will be the same as your EORI number but with an XI in front! BUT you still need to register.

YES! But you will need an IATA Carnet to facilitate the movement. Call the team for more information.

24 hours – anywhere in Ireland. However, the average is 48/72 hours due to clearances and facilitating the import into Ireland.

CDS stand for the Customs Declaration Service. this is the new customs system that replaces CHIEF which has been in place for over 30 years. CDS also allows a business that is Importing & Exporting, more control and visibility of their fiscal position with Duties and VAT.

YES! If you are importing, you should already have your account set up. You MUST regardless by the 31st March 2023. Any Customs Agent you use is added to your CDS account, allowing them to manage clearances on your behalf. You can do this here. Video Explainer Here.

YES! Log in to your CDS account, go to “Manage your Account Authorities “, “Add an Authority“ Add Clarity Cargos EORI number, then answer “When do you want the Authority to start”, then add “when do you want this Authority to last”. Then confirm your details and confirm the authorisation. Give the team a call to confirm our EORI number to you via email.

Yes! BUT…… products of Animal Origin may require CHED or VET Certificates. This is a complicated area due to the Import requirements into Europe, but please call our team for more information.

Yes! Clarity has a full inhouse Customs Clearance department, handling both UK Exports & Irish Imports. We can also complete your Full Frontier Declarations into Northern Ireland. The team can also help with any advice and guidance you need for all things customs

As an Individual or Company in Ireland, Duties & VAT in general are subject to any goods being imported from a 3rd Country (Any Country outside of the EU which now includes the UK ). Product under the value of €22 are exempt from Duties presently. Call the team for more information.

The Customs Value, PLUS the Transport Cost, Insurance and any Handling Charges

It is Ireland’s equivalent of the UK postcode Here is a lookup . All Irish Addresses now have an EIRCODE. It is important to ensure that you have captured this when sending product to Ireland.

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